At the Backside Learning Center, we are devoted to building community and enriching the lives of equine workers and their families.

We have pivoted and adapted our services to meet the needs of our community due to COVID-19, which has hit our community particularly hard since the race track has shut down. During this time, we have scaled up our fresh food initiative to delivery food to over 100 families, as well as linking families with internet access and computers and attending to their emergency needs.

We have sought emergency funding under the SBA loan, One Louisville Fund and through the Kentucky Thoroughbred Association and the Thoroughbred Charities Association in order to maintain staffing due to fundraising events linked to Derby being cancelled or postponed.

We continue to need additional resources in order to:

· Assist a growing number of workers and families in accessing emergency financial assistance, housing and unemployment assistance and other essential services

· Develop new curriculum for English classes, conversation partners, Front Runners after school programming and tutoring to be delivered online

We appreciate all of our supporters and urge you to consider donating what you can. Pledging part or all of your stimulus, donating stocks or including us in your estate planning will help us continue our mission to empower equine workers and families.


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