Backside Facts

The Backside of Churchill Downs is home to 47 barns and 1500 horses.

There are 1000 equine workers on the backside.

600 workers live on the backside in dorms, or small apartments above the stables called “tack rooms”.

During the winter months most equine workers move to tracks in other states like Arkansas, Louisiana, and Florida.

If they have families some women and children will stay behind during the off season. Louisville serves as a “home base” for many in the horse racing industry.

Children of equine workers typically attend JCPS schools.

Although children are not allowed on backside, the BLC has a nearby satellite site that serves those with families or who live outside of the track.

The backside population is made up of workers from all over the world.

80% of backside workers come from Latin American countries like Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Cuba.

Many workers arrive unable to speak English and unaware of how to access vital resources.

Dorms and tack rooms don’t have kitchens making it difficult to prepare nutritious meals.


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