Transform the Life of a Backside Worker

and their Family during COVID-19


Your gift of $19 a month will help provide the resources needed for a student to participate in virtual and in-person English classes

Your gift of $33 a month will provide students in our Community Learning Hub with school supplies to complete their schoolwork

Your gift of $98 a month will enable equine workers to build community and enhance well being through field trip excursions


Donate TODAY via Paypal, or mail in your gift to: 

Backside Learning Center 

3131 South 2nd St. #389 

Louisville, KY 40208

Leave a Legacy


Consider including the Backside Learning Center in your estate planning. Many of our donors make their most meaningful gift through their will, gifts of stocks, IRA, or other planned giving.  For more information, contact Executive Director Sherry Stanley at

Support Us While You Shop


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Support our Students and Families


We are in constant need of gift cards as incentives for our English learners, schools supplies and bicycles for transportation around the Backside. For pickup or drop off information, contact us at 502-634-4563.

COVID-19 Wishlist

*  Diapers (size 4/5)
*  Feminine Hygiene Products
*  Toiletries (soap, shampoo, deodorant)
*  Masks (reusable cloth)
*  Notebooks
*  Word Finds, Crossword Puzzles
*  Paper
*  Markers
*  Art Supplies of all kinds (paint, pastels, modeling clay, etc.)
*  Craft Kits
*  Games (ideally educational in some way)
*  Brain Games (chess, brain teasers, rubix cubes, etc.)
*  Puzzles
*  Pre-K learning games/toys
*  Spanish-language or bilingual (Span/Eng) childen’s books for all ages 0-18
*  Sports or outdoor game equipment (balls, jumpropes, etc.)
*  Laptops (Used or new)
*  Kroger Gift Cards


Purses for Purpose


Tie your horse future winnings to the success of Backside workers and their families who are improving their lives through education.